I am convinced that calling someone to discuss concerns, fears, or confusion and/or to ask for direction is one of the most difficult calls to make. It is important to impress upon you that I will listen to you thoughtfully and that whatever you share is held in confidence. The experience of psychotherapy must feel that it is fitting to you and your needs.

You might be seeking help for a situational issue that has worsened previously managed feelings or problems. You may have experienced a single event that has disrupted your life. You might have questions about how to maintain your current level of functioning. At the first appointment, I will listen to your concerns and needs, I will do a clinical evaluation, sharing with you my thoughts, and I will make recommendations that will feel right to you. You will be able to understand your feelings and your behaviors in a way that helps you move forward toward self-actualization.

Areas of life where you might be struggling include within relationships, work, spousal difficulties, anger, depression, alcohol or drug use, other addictive or compulsive behaviors, anxiety, or existential anguish. Your concerns may be about previous or current emotional or physical trauma. Whatever the reason, my goal is to help you understand that you have choices and the talent and skill to feel better.

Making that first call is the first step toward moving forward. Together we will work so that you will feel restored and revitalized.

If for any reason I am not the best fit for you I will do my best to assist you in finding a therapist or person that will be able to meet your needs. If for any reason I cannot be reached, my business partner Mary Straus, LPC, is willing to assist you as well. Her number is: 520-999-0450.